MIscha Head Shot

Mischa Geracoulis is a human rights journalist and educator with roots in the Mediterranean. 

The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and journalist oath of ethics inform her writing endeavors, teaching philosophy, advocacy, and approach to life.  Some of her research topics include the Armenian Genocide, global refugee crises, the rights to adequate housing and equitable education, press freedom, restorative justice, and child welfare.

Contributing writer and editor at The Markaz Review, Mischa writes on origins and identity, diaspora and displacement, human rights, and the multifaceted human condition.  Her work in critical media literacy and un- and under-reported news serves her in an advisory role on the board of Project Censored’s Censored Press.

Mischa’a work has appeared in such publications as Middle East Eye, The Guardian, Truthout, LA Review of Books, openDemocracy, Colorlines, Gomidas Institute, and National Catholic Reporter, covering stories on human trafficking, homelessness, the US prison system, Native American health crises, and journalists imprisoned simply for doing their jobs.

Reflective of her heritage, education, and experience in communications, political and social sciences, and art history of the Levant and Mediterranean, much of Mischa’s interests and pursuits are oriented to these ancient lands.